Become a Fundraiser

Fundraising should be fun as well as effective. Here are some tips for making your fundraising during the Canine Classic a success.

Step 1: Learn about the Canine Classic 5k and MESA

Canine Classic is a dog-friendly 5k run/walk for participants of all ages. (A canine companion is optional.) The event hosts a Canine Carnival, complete with live music, a beer garden, great food, canine activities, and canine vendors.

This event supports a Boulder, Colorado, nonprofit - Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA). Proceeds help support MESA’s many crucial programs, including the 24-Hour Hotline; sexual assault survivor support, advocacy, and counseling; and community prevention and education.

Step 2: Set a goal

Set a fundraising goal. (If working with a team, set a team goal and maybe individual goals for each team member.)

Step 3: Set up your fundraising page

Set up your fundraising page at click on the Become a Fundraiser link in the header of the page. Once complete, you will be assigned a personal fundraising page.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to set up a personal Canine Classic fundraising page.

Step 4: Make a list of the people you know 

Think of everyone you know, including your circle of friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone else you feel comfortable reaching out to for support. Remember, if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, these are great resources for promoting your participation in the Canine Classic and asking for pledges by referring your friends to your fundraising page. 

Step 5: Send an invite to contribute

Reach out to your list in Step 4 and invite them to contribute. Here are some options for this step:

 - Use the Invite Others to Contribute option from the fundraising page that you created in Step 3. From this function you can send a personal invite with a link to your Web page to 15 e-mail addresses at a time.

- Use a personal e-mail account and invite others to contribute.

- Make a phone call.

Step 6: Follow up

If you sent an e-mail or left a voicemail, and did not hear a reply, hope is not lost. Everyone gets busy, a simple phone call or second e-mail may do the trick.

Step 7: Thank your contributors

Words of thanks are always greatly appreciated. Thank contributors with a phone call, e-mail, or hand-written note – anything that lets the donor know that no matter how big or small the amount, that their contribution is truly appreciated.

Tips for Successful Fundraising

Update your voicemail: Change your voicemail to let people know how they can contribute to your cause.

Chain e-mail: Send out a chain e-mail from your fundraising page asking people to forward it on to their contacts, even if they can not make a donation.

Enlist your friends: Give ten friends ten of your letters and ask them to pass them out to their contacts for you.

Gift of giving: Is your birthday or another special date coming up? Rather than presents, ask your family and friends to make a donation in your honor through your fundraising page.

Have fun! Most importantly have fun while meeting your goals and know that you are helping a put an end to sexual assault in our community. 





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